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Pay As You Go General Administration & Secretarial Tasks

Langham Virtual Assistant offers a variety of remote business services tailored to each customer’s individual needs. I have a list of over 100 tasks that will be completed with the highest attention to detail and accuracy in a timely manner to achieve your deadlines and goals. Some of the tasks we complete include; general administration, diary management, email management, customer service support, meeting & event planning, plus much more.

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support with more than 100 tasks

Langham Virtual Assistant support businesses, professionals and non-profit organisations with a range of tasks including but not limited to:

Langham Virtual Assistant
  • Add appropriate links to blog posts
  • Add content to newsletters
  • Adding & updating internal calendar entries
  • Advertisement submission
  • Amazon seller assistance
  • Answering customer service emails
  • Answering service
  • Appointment management
  • Assign tasks to others
  • Backup websites
  • Booking conference venues
  • Booking restaurant reservations
  • Booking travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Build a Knowledge base
  • Business card design
  • Calendar management
  • Canva image creator
  • Capturing business cards to your CRM system
  • Client reporting
  • Collect testimonials
  • Collecting documents for tax
  • Competition research
  • Compile technical information
  • Compiling audience questions
  • Conducting employee / applicant background, credit, and criminal checks
  • Content formatting
  • Contract prep
  • Create email signatures
  • Create email templates
  • Create letterhead templates
  • Create and organise spreadsheets
  • Create a newsletter template
  • Create buttons
  • Create forms
  • Create online surveys
  • Create PDF files
  • Create redirects for products
  • Create user guides
  • Creating online forms & surveys
  • Creating sales reports
  • Creating landing pages
  • Customer support
  • Edit & maintain follow up emails
  • Email customer service
  • File management
  • Filtering email messages for spam
  • Financial data organisation
  • Finding & ordering gifts online
  • Finding & ordering office supplies online
  • Format eBooks
  • Format eReports
  • Graphic design
  • Help desk support technician
  • HubSpot support
  • Logo design
  • Mailchimp
  • Manage eBay listings
  • Manage records
  • Managing customer refunds
  • Managing spreadsheets
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Monitor customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring competitor pricing
  • Month end reporting support
  • Newsletter management
  • Notifying you of important calendar changes
  • Organize a new eMail series
  • Organize files in Dropbox
  • Organize hosting & domains
  • Organize web content
  • Organizing files in Box / Dropbox / Google Drive
  • Perform data entry tasks
  • Place advertisements
  • Placing job ads and filtering candidates
  • Posting to Facebook
  • Posting to Twitter
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Prepare meeting minutes
  • Preparing invoices for your review
  • Project administration
  • Reminding you of things
  • Remove subscribers from list
  • Schedule events
  • Scheduling appointments with staff, partners, and clients
  • Scheduling follow-ups for leads
  • Sending new invoices & following up on late ones
  • Sourcing quotes from suppliers
  • Tag images
  • Task management
  • Technical support
  • Test software
  • Ticket support specialist
  • Tracking and notifying you of budgets
  • Tracking and notifying you of impending deadlines
  • Travel accommodations
  • Update business plan
  • Update plugins
  • Update products
  • Update technical Information
  • Update WordPress themes
  • Update your FAQ
  • Updating documents in Word, Excel, or Google Docs
  • Updating existing contact details in your CRM system
  • Updating opportunities in your CRM system
  • Upload Slideshare shows
  • Upload videos
  • Venue sourcing
  • Web research
  • Website maintenance
  • Word documentation
  • WordPress management
  • Write job descriptions
  • Zoom setup and moderation

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