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Are you looking for a virtual assistant in the UK?

Although many people still have not heard of the term, Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly popular as they save their clients time and money. They just hire Virtual Assistants as and when they need them, they only pay for the hours they work, and they do not need to go through all the trouble of hiring an employee. No fixed salary, no sickness or holiday pay, and no office or equipment costs. Personal assistants are UK based, working from home, completing tasks from day to day and having years of experience.

Langham Virtual Assistant offer a range of Virtual Assistant Services to businesses and professionals.

I support clients across the UK. I currently work with UK clients in the hospitality, digital marketing, property management and health & social care industries.

The core virtual assistant services I am offering include Business Administration Tasks, Blog & Website Support, Out of Office Support and Customer Service Support.

We are a member of the Society of Virtual Assistants.

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The positives of outsourcing to a Northampton Virtual Assistant

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with tasks or that you’re spending too much on full-time employees. Hiring a Virtual Assistant will relieve you of these issues and let you focus on growing your business and allow you to enjoy your free time.

Myths That Stop People From Hiring Virtual Assistants #2

Virtual Assistance is Just a Fad

2. Virtual Assistance is Just a Fad People who believe virtual assistance is just a fad probably has not come across the word outsourcing. Or if

Myths That Stop People From Hiring Virtual Assistants #1

Anyone Can Be a Virtual Assistant

Anyone Can Be a Virtual Assistant. Virtual assistance is the same as any other profession. If you want to excel, you must have the following


Why should you outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Are you an entrepreneur, an executive or run your own business? Is it difficult for you to focus on your core tasks and spend hours scheduling, planning or replying to emails and corresponding with clients? Have you ever wondered what it might be like if someone did those tasks for you? It might have freed you from so much hassle and saved you so much time. Many business owners, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs are now moving towards hiring a virtual assistant (VA) to help with their daily tasks.

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Never miss another sale again and no more worries about staff holidays, sick days, or leaving the office unmanned. We’re always here to serve your customers.

We offer a friendly and highly professional call answering service for professionals and businesses of all scales and across all sectors. Perhaps you want to forward all of your calls to us or just the ones you can’t seem to find the time to answer, Langham Virtual Assistant can help.